Smart Ideas: Paints Revisited

June 27, 2016

Your Building and the Types of Paint for It Paints can either be oil based or water based and cannot be combined because the results will be disastrous. Water based paint will run and peel when applied to oil based paint and when the other is done oil based paint will never set in wood with a water base paint applied to it. If you examine the surface of a building you will know if oil based products are used because they sink inside the wood, make the wood grain visible, change its color and enhances its looks. Today there are non-transparent stains that are being used, they sink in the wood but give the appearance of paint by covering the surface, and it will be difficult to determine if the product is oil based or not. Doing the goof off test helps determine if paint is water based or oil based because it can sometimes be difficult to determine which is which as they sometimes possess the same characteristics. The goof off test will determine if the paint is water based by simply rubbing the goof off on the paint and if it comes off then it is water based, since goof off is known to remove latex or water based paint. If you are looking for goof off, just go to your nearest local hardware store and they will surely have some for sale. Goof off removes latex paint so when you buy from your local hardware store check the bottle to see if it is indicated that it removes latex paint. Choose a part of the wall that is quite hidden when you do your goof off test. If the wall painting is peeling before you apply the goof off then make sure that the goof off is actually removing the paint; it normally bubbles or looks like melting. If you are working to paint your building you might want to choose something that is easier to work with which is latex or water based paints. The more popular paints in the past were oil based and that is why you can almost be sure that if you see an old building, its paints are oil based. You can still repaint a solid oil based painted building with latex paint if you coat it first with a primer before applying the water based paint. This primer will bond with the wall and provide a surface for the latex paint to stick to. So when you order from a paint distributor make sure to tell them that you are covering oil based paint with latex paint so that they can deliver the right primer to you.Finding Ways To Keep Up With Businesses

Finding Ways To Keep Up With Businesses